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Validator FAQ

Validator node FAQ

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What are Validators?

A limited number of Validator nodes are elected each staking era by an election algorithm. This algorithm will automatically select the Validators with the highest total stake to fill the available slots.

CENNZnet will have 12 validator slots at launch — but this number will increase as the network matures and governance decisions are made.

To learn more check out our detailed guide to staking on CENNZnet here.


Why are validators important to CENNZnet?

To have the most decentralised system possible, CENNZnet needs a good number of different Validator nodes that can be elected. This makes for the greatest variety of staking options for the community and also protects the system by preventing the chain from being controlled by one very wealthy individual. For example, if there are few Validators, one person with a reasonable amount of CENNZ could take all the Validator nodes, therefore taking complete control of the chain. When there are more people Validating it significantly increases the barrier to being elected.


Can anyone run a validator node?

However, it is important to remember that if a Validator fails to uphold their responsibilities a portion of their stake will be slashed (fined). If you are unsure about taking on the technical responsibility of Validating just yet, you can get to grips with the staking process as a Nominator first.

The responsibilities of a Validator are:

  • Run a node.

  • Stake a minimum 10,000 CENNZ.

  • Produce blocks. This requires your node to be online before the elected era to sync to the latest blocks, and be online 24/7 for the elected eras.

You can learn more about how to set up a Validator node on our Github page here.


What is a validator’s commission rate?

The commission rates that the validators charge are available in the list of validators in the New Stake tag of the Staking page on

What is an oversubscribed Validator?


Why are most of the validator nodes run by Centrality?


Why do the Centrality validators have 25% commission?

Having a very high commission on our Validator nodes provides an incentive for the community to become Validators and also makes us less competitive to Nominators.


Why are there only 12 validator nodes an era?


Can you run more than one Validator node?


Where can I get support?