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Network Update Schedule

Network update schedule

CENNZnet is now a foundational network for an increasing number of projects and DApps. To help these projects better plan for incoming updates, our team is implementing a new system for providing information and notice of upgrades to the protocol. 

Here’s how updates on CENNZnet will work: 

Network update schedule

Network updates will run on a continuous cycle:

  • Every 6 weeks Rata (our experimental testnet) will be updated
  • Followed by a minimum 2 week period to adjust and fix any bugs that arise
  • Confirmation that update will proceed to mainnet 1 week in advance.
  • Nikau (stable testnet) and Azalea (Mainnet) will simultaneously be updated.
Diagram of 6 week schedule

Priority levels for updates

On top of our consistently running network update timeline, we will also be implementing a priority system to determine which protocol changes are made and when. 

We will always aim to give our community notice of impending changes, however there are some emergency situations which will require immediate action. The severity of a protocol update will determine the amount of notice given to the community. 

Updates are categorised as P1, P2 & P3:

  • P1 – High risk security issues: Hot fixes, mid to high security patches, with no minimum notice duration
  • P2 – Low risk bug or security issues: Bug fixes, minor security patches, with minimum 1 week notice duration.
  • P3 – Scheduled protocol updates: Feature updates, with minimum 2 weeks notice duration. These are the updates which will be implemented in the regular update cycle.


The majority of updates will be P3 and so will move through the regular network update cycle. We will try our best to avoid making changes at P1 and P2 given they have relatively short notice.


Network update details

You can find out the specifics of what each update cycle will include on the CENNZnet Github repo.

We will also be regularly informing our community about important network updates on our Discord channel