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 Emery: Token Bridge FAQ

Emery Token Bridge FAQ

Emery, our token bridge connecting CENNZnet to Ethereum is now live! The following is a quick practical FAQ to help you get started with Emery.

How can you try the Emery Bridge?

You can use Emery to quickly and easily move your tokens in a totally self-custodial mechanism on our purpose-built bridge UI

You can learn more about how to use the bridge UI here.

In the future, you will also be able to utilise Emery to move your tokens using your Sylo wallet and the Glorious app.


What type of tokens can you move?

In our initial launch phase, you will be able to use Emery to transfer ERC20 and Eth on the Ethereum side and CENNZ and CPAY on the CENNZnet side.

Soon you will also be able to move NFTs.


What can you use the Emery bridge for?

The Emery Bridge will enable users to:

  1. Transfer tokens between chains

Transfer ETH or ERC20 tokens onto CENNZnet. 

Transfer ETH or ERC20 from CENNZnet to Ethereum

Transferring tokens using Emery moves tokens directly between the 2 blockchains using decentralised bridge technology. This makes it both fast and secure.

  1. Use Ethereum tokens to interact with CENNZnet DApps

Once your tokens have been moved onto CENNZnet, you can use them to buy things within integrated DApps. For example, you could use transferred Eth to purchase an NFT on CENNZnet’s NFT aggregator, Litho.

  1. Communicate events between chains

The bridge can be used to transfer information about events between Ethereum and CENNZnet. For example, the result of a DAO vote on ETH could kick off an action on CENNZnet.

  1. DApps can integrate

Using the bridge, DApps can be interoperable between CENNZnet and Ethereum. A single DApp can also work across both chains as a united interface. 

You can imagine it a little bit like connecting hard wear in a computer: Ethereum is like the hard drive where storage is slower but more secure and CENNZnet will act like memory, where it’s faster and cheaper to do  operations. The Emery Bridge is how you get data from the hard drive to the memory and vice versa.


Can you use Emery to move CENNZ ERC20 tokens that missed the token swap?

Emery has been coded specifically not to allow CENNZ ERC20 tokens to be transferred to CENNZnet. This is because the future of CENNZ ERC20 tokens needs to be decided by the CENNZ community in a vote. This will happen when our governance system is in place (hopefully later this year). 


How do gas fees work for using the bridge?

As with all blockchain actions, using Emery costs gas fees. These can be paid in a mixture of Eth and CPAY as the transaction involves both chains. It works as follows:


  1. Eth contract -> fee in eth
  2. CENNZnet runtime module -> fee in cpay

For Ethereum to CENNZnet transfers, we will pay the cpay fee and also airdrop the bridger some cpay. This means all they have to do is deposit the tokens to Eth contract and then funds will transition auto-magically.


  1. CENNZnet runtime module -> fee in cpay
  2. Eth contract -> fee in eth


Looking for more answers? Drop your question to our community and support devs on Discord. You can also learn some more details about how the Emery bridge works here.