Get your idea off the starting block.

The CENNZnet Grants Program empowers developers and NFT creators to get great
ideas off the ground fast.

Total funding pool – $500,000

We support community projects that bring value to the ecosystem and promote overall network growth.

Grants Program Benefits


Secure funding to get your project up and running on CENNZnet:

Developer grants

Round 1 – Shape your idea into an MVP.
Up to NZD $15,000

Round 2 – Grow your MVP into a viable business.
Up to NZD $75,000

Grants for NFT creators

Up to NZD $100,000

Tech guidance

 Our own specialist blockchain dev team is always there to give you advice and answer your questions.

Marketing support

Showcase your project to the CENNZnet community and get invited to speak at our events.

Access to our ecosystem

Be a part of an active ecosystem of ventures, mentors and VCs.

Platform fees covered

We will provide enough CPAY to cover your gas fees for 3 months.

Grants focus areas

Put the NFT into your app

NFTs offer so much un-tapped potential for apps. Whether it’s adding some tradeable art, tokenising in-app assets or making a full scale Metaverse – the possibilities really are endless. Using the CENNZnet NFT runtime module you can incorporate NFTs without the need for smart contracts, so you can get your ideas up and running fast.
Show us your NFT focused app idea and qualify for a grant to get it up and running on CENNZnet.

Come to the CENNZ-side

High gas fees, lack of free parachains or struggling with complicated smart contracts? It’s hard to make a success of your DApp on traditional platforms. Give your DApp a new lease of life on the next generation of blockchain and get the best of both worlds. Integrate with our Carbon negative PoS CENNZnet platform and enjoy low predictable gas fees, fast transaction speeds and out of the box runtime modules to give your DApp all the edges.
Even better – we’ll give you a grant to get it up and running!

Calling all NFT creators

NFT art is not just cool, it’s also a gateway to reliable royalties and authentic ownership. We want to support artists taking a leap into the decentralised space and get them safely launched into the Metaverse. If you have a creation the world needs to see, apply to our grant and get the funding and tech support you need to become an NFT superstar.

Sounds good – sign me up!

Applicaton Process

Following the submission of your application, you can expect the process to proceed as follows:

The CENNZnet team will review your application. They will get in touch with you within 4 weeks.

They may schedule a call with the team to get to know you better.

Once the team makes a decision regarding your project, you will be informed via email.

Note that we are open to reconsidering our decision if you submit another application taking our feedback on board, or if the CENNZnet community supports your project.

We will get in touch with you about funding and get your team in touch with our engineers to help you get started.

Our grantees


CENNZnet welcomes applications for any projects leveraging CENNZnet. We are open to hearing about your ideas if you believe there’s something great you can contribute to our tech stack.

Our current focus areas include NFT-focused DApps, integration grants and grants for NFT creators.

Total funding pool for the CENNZnet Grants Program is NZ$500,000 until the end of June 2022.

Initially, projects can apply for funding of up to NZ$15,000. Subsequent applications can apply for funding of up to NZ$75,000. The amounts of grants are determined on a case-by-case basis.

After the Grants, we can connect you with other funding organizations and VCs to help you secure further funding.

The incentives can be paid out in NZD, USD, DAI, CENNZ or other token at the sole discretion of the CENNZnet team.

Following the submission of your application, you can expect the process to proceed as follows:

1. Initial Assessment & Evaluation
2. Feedback and Decision
3. Onboarding & project kick-off

You can learn more about the program and fill out the application here. If you have any questions about the application, please get in touch with our team on Discord.

We are looking for capable and motivated people with ideas that can become self-sustaining businesses. It helps to demonstrate the technical and business skills in your team, as well as the domain knowledge around the chosen idea.

The CENNZnet team will review your submission and you can expect to hear from us whether your application has been successful within 4 weeks.

CENNZnet is offering a grant of up to NZD $100,000. The total amount received as a grant will depend on the type of art, and number of exclusive pieces an artist mints on Litho, the NFT marketplace built on CENNZnet.

CENNZnet and the artist will agree on the minimum sale price for each NFT. The grant will guarantee that the agreed amount is paid to the creator regardless. If a NFT is sold above the min sale price all proceeds will go to the artist, if the NFT sells for less, the grant will cover the difference. (Example: you received a grant for NZ$5,000 and ended up selling your NFTs for NZ$4,500, you will be paid NZ$500 on top of what you earned through the NFT sale).

We will also cover the cost of minting the NFTs within the grant.

On top of funding, you will be able to assign royalties to the artwork which have network-wide enforcement for future sales outside of the grant.

We would also create a campaign around it that we would promote on CENNZnet’s social channels and via guerilla marketing. You would have the benefit of getting brand awareness from our 30k+ followers on various platforms

Got a killer DApp idea?
We can’t wait to hear about it!