About cennznet

CENNZnet is a New Zealand based public blockchain and  Application platform that puts great user experience first.

CENNZnet is a highly optimised, EVM compatible L2 blockchain.

We are a New Zealand based public blockchain, connected to Ethereum via a sophisticated bridge protocol and compatible EVM module. We offer a L2 or sidechain solution so that users can harness the tools of Ethereum alongside the optimised and faster experience of CENNZnet.

We are empowering projects pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with decentralised tech. Our platform is highly secure, fast-paced and adapted to enable open and inclusive metaverse projects, P2E gaming, advanced NFT technology and bleeding-edge ideas.

We pride ourselves on providing a streamlined and user-friendly experience for devs. Using CENNZnet developers can apply blockchain using just javascript APIs – no smart contracts required. We cover 80% of use cases as plug n’ play runtime modules that developers can simply opt-in and out of.

Our ecosystem currently serves over 1m active users. And we are just getting started! Join our journey and let’s grow together.


We’re an established business, but we maintain a strong start-up mindset. Our team is always willing to roll up their sleeves to deliver on our goals, regardless of their position in the company.

When recruiting new roles, we consider standout technical skills, but we also focus on a passion for innovation, a drive to continually learn and develop, and the ability and desire to collaborate with others.


Looking to get a step in the door in a fast paced, future focused tech start-up? Join us in making the world a better place using blockchain technology.

We don’t care about degrees and certifications, we care about how you think and what you know; how quickly you learn and how readily you seek and share knowledge; how you collaborate and what you can help us deliver.

We take our tech seriously, but we have fun while we do it!

Our executive team

Aaron McDonald


Nicole Upchurch

Chief Executive Officer

Roger Smith


Jerry Yuan

Chief Commercial Officer

Dan Gillespie

Chief Strategy Officer

Jordy Beauchamp

Head of Engineering

Marco Brondani